Discover the Workings and Health Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract

Let’s face it. The health benefits of olive leaf extract may be numerous. This article focuses on the skin’s health, but when something is beneficial for one system of the body, ultimately, it is good for them all.

The skin is an important part of the body’s immune system. It serves to protect the body from injury and illness, by keeping out bacteria, pathogens and harmful substances.

That’s a big job and the skin can use all of the help it can get. When we talk about the importance of good hygiene; washing the face and body, we are doing that to help the skin protect against disease.

Because the skin is on the outside of the body, constantly exposed to allergens, irritants, toxins and illness-causing pathogens, and because there is a great deal of naturally occurring bacteria on the skin’s surface, we see conditions like acne, dermatitis and rashes. Fungal infections are common, as well.

Psoriasis and eczema are common. They are usually blamed on a dysfunctional or over-reactive immune system. Inflammation occurs when there is no real reason for it.

The health benefits of olive leaf extract are primarily due to the immune system support that it provides. It has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activity.

Olive oils are a good base for cleansers, because they are non-irritating and moisturizing. Some of the better cleansers contain both the oils and the extracts, because both are beneficial.

The oils contain essential fatty acids, similar to those produced by the skin. Both the extracts and the oils are rich in antioxidants like vitamin E, which helps to prevent and repair free radical damage.

So, the health benefits of olive leaf extract are numerous, but it is not a “cure-all”. In order to do everything that you can for your skin’s health and appearance, you need a few other ingredients. Specifically, you need something to address the issue of inflammation.

Inflammation is a natural and important part of the body’s immune system, but many of today’s serious diseases are caused by something called “chronic” inflammation. We are not always aware that it is ongoing.

When it comes to the skin’s appearance as we age, chronic inflammation damages and degrades collagen fibers, which are responsible for the skin’s firmness. When they become damaged, the skin starts to sag and wrinkles look deeper.

Reduced inflammation “might” be one of the health benefits of olive leaf extract, but not the oil. Let’s say that you wanted a complete body lotion to keep your skin looking young and beautiful, regardless of your age. You would want it to contain antioxidants and natural plant based oils, but you would also want it to contain something that has “proven” anti-inflammatory activity.

There are many compounds with natural anti-inflammatory activity. Bioactive keratin is one example. It is beneficial for dermatitis and other skin conditions, in which inflammation is involved.

Now that you know this, you might want to learn more about the health benefits of olive leaf extract. If you are concerned about your skin, you definitely want to learn more about bioactive keratin.

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